The PDF or Portable Document File format is the most widely used format for document sharing. It has been in existence for more than 25 years. The PDF format looks the same regardless of the platform. It is also possible to add text and images. Everyone has probably already opened a PDF file. It has even become a must for user manuals such as contracts, technical documents, etc. If you’re used to reading PDF files, you’ve probably already heard of Adobe Acrobat?

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, you get a complete PDF solution. So you can work anywhere, on a computer or mobile device. Learn everything you need to know about Adobe Acrobat Pro in this article: reviews, features, pricing, and more.

What is Adobe Acrobat ?

Adobe Acrobat is one of the software products developed by Adobe Systems for processing electronic documents in PDF format. This tool is available in several versions.

Adobe is constantly changing the name of the Acrobat family of products. To do this, it subdivides its products, groups them together or even abandons them. This leads to confusion about the choice of the product in the family, but also about the usage statistics of the products.

Since 2004, the following Adobe Acrobat product lines have been available:

  • Adobe Reader 8: a free software for reading and printing PDF documents.
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 8 and Adobe Acrobat Professional 8: commercial software for creating and manipulating PDF files.
  • With the pro version of Acrobat, you can :

Compare two versions of a PDF to review the differences,

  • Convert scanned documents into indexable PDF files,
  • Validate and correct PDFs to meet ISO and accessibility standards,
  • Take advantage of advanced mobile features.

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Key features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

adobe acrobat review

Adobe Acrobat Pro is compatible with any computer or mobile device. In fact, approximately one billion terminals around the world now have access to electronic signature functions. It is now possible for anyone to legally sign documents on a touchscreen device or from a browser with just a few clicks. On top of that, the pro version makes it easy to send, track and store signed documents.

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Simply put, Adobe Acrobat pro enables :

  • To arrange the PDFs correctly thanks to guided actions;
  • Electronically sign documents;
  • Change scanned printed documents into editable PDF files;
  • Create PDFs for technical use in Microsoft Project, Visio, or Autodesk AutoCAD;
  • Edit text and order the pages of a PDF file on iPad;
  • Resize, delete or rotate pages in PDF documents on Android or iOS tablet;
  • Support Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC VS Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is the heart of the solution offered by Adobe, because it’s both Mac and PC software. But it is also a tablet application dedicated to creating PDF files. DC stands for Document Cloud, which is the section of Adobe Cloud dedicated to documents.

Acrobat is like a rather classic editor with a pretty Material Design interface on a white background. Its principle is more or less the same as a PowerPoint slideshow. Images and text are in different blocks that you can put anywhere on the page. In addition, it has a “Tool” page to perform different actions on the files.

Acrobat DC comes in two versions, the pro DC version and the normal DC version. The pro version is 2 euros per month more expensive than the normal version. While they have the same main features, Acrobat Pro DC offers additional premium features such as :

Compare the contents of 2 PDF files,
Use the MacBook Pro touchbar,
Add sound or video to the PDF file, etc.
These are therefore rather special functions that are of particular interest to demanding users.

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The features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro has many convenient features for both average and demanding users. Among its features are the ability to :

▶︎ Convert almost any document to PDF format

Adobe Acrobat Pro makes it easy to convert any type of file into a high-quality PDF. It displays impeccably on any type of screen. You can even segment and merge documents with a single click.

▶︎ Edit and convert PDF documents

With Acrobat Pro, you no longer need to recreate documents from scratch. Simply export your PDF documents to formats such as Office and then edit the content directly in your PDF.

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▶︎ Easily share and sign PDF files

With Adobe Acrobat Pro software, you can :

  • Work with others,
  • Share documents,
  • Send documents for review,
  • Get them signed.
  • You can quickly perform all these actions anywhere, on any terminal, in complete security.

Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Pro

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, you have access to Cloud Document services. This enables you to stay connected and productive anywhere and on any device.

▶︎ Facilitate document reviews

Now sharing PDFs and collecting feedback is as easy as sending an email. The only difference is that control and tracking are more advanced and there are no attachments. Recipients receive an email with a link back to the PDF file. They just have to click on it to open, comment and sign the document. You will not need to log in or install the software.

▶︎ Manage all your work centrally

You benefit from visibility on files that require your attention or on documents you have shared for consultation, revision, signature. The expanded Home view allows you to follow each project from a PC, mobile device or the Net.

▶︎ Your mobile device is a PDF work tool in its own right.

With a subscription to Acrobat Pro DC, you have access to extensive PDF editing capabilities on your iPad and Android tablet.

▶︎ Secure and simplified signing of all types of documents

You can complete, sign and share PDF forms quickly and securely. Also, you can send legally valid PDFs to a recipient on the other side of the world. The recipient can sign it via a browser or on a mobile device. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC also makes it easy to send, track, and store signed documents.

▶︎ Compliance and reliability

When you create a document in PDF format, Acrobat processes every detail and formatting part in the file itself. This includes fonts, spacing, and images. This removes one of the biggest hurdles to sharing documents. Some file types can lose formatting when they are opened. Adobe ensures document compliance on all reading platforms.

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Disadvantages of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Unlike simple HTML files and text-based documents, PDF files are more prone to technical problems. Of course, computer users often have to disable the display of PDF files in web browsers and then open them separately. Most browsers expire with PDF documents of four megabytes or more. Browsers that download PDF files cannot display a partially downloaded document or set whether they display properly when they load.

In addition, it is difficult to change the layout, images, or text in a PDF document. This is an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the purpose of the change. PDF files are necessary for relaying information, but not for submitting projects or creating templates.

Therefore, minor concerns are more related to PDFs than to the software itself.

Price: Adobe Acrobat VS Adobe Acrobat Pro


As mentioned, Acrobat DC comes in two versions. So you can choose the Acrobat DC package that suits you best.

For Acrobat DC classic, the price starts at 12,99 dollars per month. This offer includes the creation, modification and signing of PDFs for Windows only.

For Acrobat Pro DC, the price starts at 14,99 dollars per month. This package includes the complete solution for all devices. In other words, for Windows and Mac.

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Adobe Acrobat: Pro Customer Reviews

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the gold standard for high-end PDF applications. In fact, it has recently undergone a major upgrade that has been in progress for years. It brings several features to PDF editing in collaboration with Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Acrobat Pro has a wider range of tools and options than the standard version. These include editing, optimization, and indexing. It is both reliable and of high quality. However, it is sometimes confronted with updating problems, making it impossible to locate the tools and find the right one.

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