Adobe Creative Cloud is a web development tool. It provides the creative tools and applications to give free rein to your imagination. In short, it allows you to compose images, retouch photos, create websites, digital paintings, 3D and others. This software is suitable for both individuals and companies. Paint, draw or develop, you can do everything with very realistic digital brushes. This Cloud solution allows you to work on creative ideas in an efficient way. Adobe Creative Cloud is a complete and very powerful tool with many advantages. To help you realize its full potential, read about Adobe CC pricing, features, and user feedback in this article.

About Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe launched its Creative Cloud applications and services in October 2011. It’s designed specifically for photographers, designers, video editors, web programmers, and anyone with the soul of an artist. You’ll have access to Adobe CC programs through a subscription or online service. However, before choosing a subscription, it is important to understand your needs and how you will use it. There are a total of 4 types of programs offered by Adobe, which may also overlap:

  • Photography,
  • Graphic design,
  • The UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience),
  • The design,
  • Photo/video editing.

Depending on your specialization, you can choose the Adobe tools that will meet your needs.

And if you’re using Adobe Creative Suite, you may be wondering about the Adobe Creative Cloud. Is it beneficial? Adobe Creative Cloud is beneficial because Adobe CC offers a number of features and updates to help you offload some of the work.

Adobe CC provides you with all the best Adobe video, design, and photo services and applications. This solution allows you to quickly launch and upgrade all applications. You can access a variety of packages and more than 20 software applications, including Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio software applications

Adobe Creative Cloud provides users with a variety of video and audio software. Each of these has been significantly updated. And Adobe adds new features to each of these software products that enhance the existing one.

§ Premier Pro CC

The Premier Pro editing tool includes additional collaborative capabilities. It is now possible to work in teams simultaneously on several different projects. To avoid possible editing conflicts, each project can be automatically locked for a portion of the users. You can also do this by allowing only the project to be read, not written to.

The Creative Cloud Team Project service adds an automatic personal backup history, making collaboration much easier. The same goes for new badges showing when other users make changes. Notifications are displayed to remind users when changes are applied.

Motion graphs now automatically adjust to time and position improvements. The amount of responsive design included in the update also helps keep the correspondence between layers, as well as the flow of the video when an item is changed.

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Finally, Premier Pro is enriched with an immersive environment allowing you to edit videos at 360 °/VR by wearing the dedicated device. Since it is impossible to see the keyboard in these conditions, editing is limited to just a few functions. These are pruning and marker placement.

§ After Effects CC

It is a software for creating special effects. With this tool you can generate animations from JSON files and offer more customization options for graphics. It gains a new Character panel allowing the management of fonts more easily. On Mac, you can easily export a GIF creation to Media Encoder.

As a result of the update, the software has undergone some changes under the hood for better performance. This includes rendering layer changes, motion blur, and other effects are supported by the GPU. In addition, After Effects has a keyboard shortcut manager similar to Premier Pro or Audition ;

§ Character Animator CC

Created in beta in 2015, Character Animator is now finalized. This software is used to animate 2D characters. For this purpose, it benefits from new tools and improvements, such as lip-sync, which offers more precision thanks to the use of adobe Sensei and the editor’s automatic learning technology.

§ CC Hearing

And finally, the CC Hearing has also undergone refinements generating better performance. This includes the ability to automatically turn down the volume of the music when dialogue or other sounds are visible.

Adobe Creative Cloud: The Price

Like all software, Adobe CC offers free and premium offers. Adobe offers users a free 30-day trial. This includes 2 GB of online storage, access to video tutorials, over 130 desktop fonts, and 800 Typekit fonts. Plus a CC desktop application for managing applications, files, and fonts.

For fee-based offerings, Adobe offers a variety of packages to suit your needs. The software distinguishes its offerings according to different user profiles, namely :

  • Individuals,
  • Companies,
  • Students/teachers,
  • Educational institutions (school, university).

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Creative cloud for photographers

If you are a photographer, consider yourself lucky. For good reason, it is the only professional and artistic category to have its own fee schedule. Therefore, there are three options available to you :

  • The Lightroom CC formula: this offer is available for 11.99 euros/month; it can be used from your Smartphone, tablet, PC or web browser; with this formula, you benefit from 1TB of online storage ;
  • To take advantage of Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, you need to invest 11.99 euros/month as well, but this offer is usable via your computer only; it allows you to benefit from 20 GB of storage space on the Cloud, to which you will add up to 1 TB after subscription;
  • For more storage space, you can subscribe to Creative Cloud for Photo with 1TB included; this offer is 23.99 euros/month; you will use Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic CC.
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In addition, freelance designers and graphic designers sometimes need more than one Adobe program. However, if you don’t need Photoshop or Illustrator, then “One Application” may be right for you. With this plan, you can subscribe to a single application for only $23.99 per month. Add to that 100 GB of online storage, a personal portfolio site, premium fonts and social networking tools.

§ Creative Cloud for Student/Teacher

Adobe has a special offer for students and teachers. You’ll get access to all applications, 100GB of backup space, and Creative Cloud services. The offer is $29.99/month. That said, the first year of subscription is available for 19.50 euros/month. To be eligible for this offer, you must be at least 13 years old and prove that you are a student. Students taking home schooling are also eligible.

§ Creative Cloud for educational institutions

You can access the Schools and University formula with a named License or a License by position. The Named License covers small departments and workgroups and the Per Station License covers classrooms and laboratories. With a Named User License, each user will have access to the full range of Adobe applications. And this, for a modest 34.99 euros/month. With this same license, the “One application” option is also available for 14.99 euros/month per person. With this offer, you’ll get 100 GB of storage per license, 24/7 technical support, and personalized sessions with experts.

With the shared desktop license, you’ll also get access to all Adobe applications for $330 per year per desktop.

§ Creative Cloud for business

For multiple licenses for SMBs and large organizations, Adobe also has packages for you. For one thing, there is the “All Applications” package for 52,99 dollars/month per license. This offer includes 100GB of online storage, premium fonts, and shared resource libraries. This offer also includes 24/7 technical support.

In addition, the “One Application” offer is also available for enterprise customers for 29.99 euros/month per license.

The main advantage of CC is that it is cloud-based. This allows you to work with your team jointly online.

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Adobe Creative Cloud features

The Adobe CC Team Subscription includes a complete set of uniquely designed applications, cloud services to enhance collaboration, and exclusive business features. These features are designed to make software administration easier and more efficient.

§ Creative applications

These applications include software such as :

  • Photoshop : to create images and compositions using reference tools ;
  • Illustrator: to create vector illustrations for print, web, video and mobile devices;
  • InDesign: for designing professional layouts for digital printing and publishing;
  • Acrobat Pro: Create, protect, sign, share, and print PDF forms and documents;
  • Dimension: Easily create high-quality, photorealistic 3D images;
  • InCopy: to give authors and designers the ability to work on the same document at the same time;
  • Spark: to easily create beautiful illustrations for social networks, web pages and short videos;
  • Bridge: to browse, organize and search photos and creative files from a single location;
  • Sketch: for designing layouts
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§ Web and UX design applications

These applications include :

  • XD to create, prototype and share compelling user experiences for web and mobile, etc. ;
  • Dreamweaver: to create and develop outstanding websites in responsive design from a visual interface;
  • Animate: to create interactive animations with state-of-the-art drawing tools for different platforms;
  • Spark: to easily create beautiful illustrations for social networks, web pages and short videos.

§ Photography application :

  • Photoshop ;
  • Lightroom: to retouch, organize, store and share photos anywhere;
  • Lightroom Classic: to organize and edit photos and batch process them with a PC application;
  • Photoshop Mix: for editing images on mobile devices;
  • Photoshop Fix – edit, restore and share photos anywhere;
  • Mobile Lightroom: Edit, organize and share photos anywhere

§ Video and audio applications

These applications include :

  • Premiere Pro : video editing with an outstanding and extremely powerful software suite;
  • After Effects: creation of special effects and cinematic animations;
  • Auditioning: to record, mix and restore audio for television, film and video;
  • Character Animator: Transform 2D illustrations into animated characters;
  • SpeedGrade: to manipulate light and color in video footage;
  • Media Encoder: to quickly create video files compatible with almost any screen;
  • Prelude: for easy importing and saving of all video formats;
  • Story Plus: for access to collaborative scriptwriting, reporting and scheduling tools;
    Premier Rush: Create and share online videos anywhere;
  • Prelude Live Logger: Save time with a more efficient video backup feature.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Customer reviews

Many users see Adobe Creative Cloud as a powerful and comprehensive tool. It allows you to download and install applications the way you’ve always done. But now you’ll have access to upgrades with a single click. In recent months, users have taken advantage of hundreds of additional features.

In addition, Adobe CC makes it easy to share files, add comments, and save settings. So you can create anything you want, anywhere, and share it with others. With Adobe CC, you’ll have a powerful, easy-to-use tool for organizing your creative world. All the applications are installed on your PC and once you’re done, you no longer need to be connected to the Internet to use them.

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