When we talk about professional editing, we immediately allude to Photoshop, but we must not forget the Adobe Photoshop Elements version. This new version allows you to easily retouch your photos and is perfectly adapted and mainly for individuals. By the way, the 2020 model has been released with a few new optional features. Indeed, introduced by Adobe, the Elements version offers new automatic creative functions. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop Elements, making great movies and creations has never been easier. So enjoy endless possibilities for automatic photo and video creation. Get flawless images and footage with a variety of smart editing and retouching features. To learn more about the software, read this article and read what people are saying about Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Discover Photoshop Elements

Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements

A few weeks after updating Lightroom and Camera Raw, the Adobe developer launches the Photoshop Elements version. Especially designed for beginners or those looking to simplify as much as possible the photographic retouching, this tool gains new automatisms. New manuals for perfecting images have also appeared, along with fun sharing options.

Adobe announced the launch of Photoshop Elements 2020 and Premiere Elements 2020. This new version largely allows :

  • Improve the usability of applications to get up and running faster;
  • Simplify access to inspirational sources, training content, and new entertaining projects you can see for yourself;
  • Optimize performance at all levels.

The first thing that stands out when you launch the software is its brand new home screen that welcomes you every time you use it. This screen gives you a customized experience by displaying what’s new since your last version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, as well as content tailored to your skill level.

In addition, photo and video slideshows and collages have also been designed and automatically displayed on the home screen. This way, you can easily remember your most beautiful moments. This is thanks to automated photo and video options that are enhanced by Adobe Sensei’s AI features.

In addition to the home screen, Adobe Photoshop Elements also includes several new features and enhancements. These will help you create photo, video, and movie compositions that you can then quickly share in the medium of your choice. This can be print, DVD, web, or social networking.

The Elements team has been working hard to improve your experience in Photoshop Elements. That’s because of the speed of the download and installation process, but also because of the performance gains on common photo editing tasks. Not to mention that you can now import and edit HEIF images on Mac OS.

How do I install and use Adobe Photoshop Elements ?

The installation of Adobe Photoshop Elements is relatively simple and above all quick to get started. However, please note that downloading the software requires an Adobe account. This ID will also be useful during your first use. Please note that you will have the chance to test the software for a month if you hesitate, but the Adobe account will still be necessary to get the installer. The installer only weighs 3 GB or a little more. As for the software itself, it only requires 1 GB of storage.

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As far as configuration is concerned, Adobe Photoshop Elements is available from Windows 8.1 and Mac OS 10.13 with 4 GB of RAM. Installation of the software is quick and hassle-free and will only take you 10 minutes. Unlike some suites, this one will not install any other unwanted software. Please note that an internet connection is required to activate the software.

Moreover, once the software is running, you can already make a small criticism. The shortcut on your desktop does not launch Photoshop Elements right away, but a control panel. Thanks to the latter, you can find many tutorials that are very practical and easy to access, but also to launch Photoshop.

All the programs related to Elements are located on the right side. The “Video Editor” is the Premier Elements 2020 application, which you can test through Adobe’s website. “Photo Editor” is the shortcut to actually launch Photoshop Elements 2020. Each comes with a built-in photo and video organizer from Adobe.

Discover Photoshop Elements

The Adobe Photoshop Elements  interface

As soon as Photoshop Elements is launched, 3 categories of programs appear according to your knowledge and retouching needs. These categories include the Quick, Guided and Expert tabs. First of all, the Quick tab, as the name implies, allows you to easily perform small touch-ups almost automatically. You will be able to optimize the exposure, lighting, color, temperature balance and sharpness of the image. As for the Guided category, it displays all the options for modifying a photo. Finally, the Expert section is a real graphics tool, at least in appearance.

In addition, it is necessary to admit that the three interfaces available in Adobe Photoshop Elements are perfectly clean and easy to use. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on automatic modifications. Rather, it is recommended that you use the Quick and Guided tab and then go through the Expert section to make the last few small changes. What’s more, you will navigate very easily between the different tabs and features such as zoom, move, brushes, eraser and more. Graphics software enthusiasts will find it very easy to find their way around.

As a reminder, this software is a solution designed especially for individuals. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 is not a substitute for professional solutions such as the genuine Adobe Photoshop.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements features include

The Elements version has implemented many new features that make it easier to create photos, videos or movies. No matter what kind of editing or creation you want to do, the software has made sure you have the right tools.

Four new creative solutions

With Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence, Photoshop Elements offers many additional creative filters that work automatically. These filters allow you to embed objects or paint over photos, as well as selective denaturation or background blur insertion. In theory, these smart features should identify subjects automatically to add the effect wisely. Of course, if the rendering is not optimal or if the layout is not suitable for the photographer, the photographer can adjust it.

Three additional automatic filters

In an effort to limit personal investment in mastering one technique or another, Adobe adds three additional filters. The first helps with the colorization of black-and-white images. The second incorporates a quick crop function and the last one offers the possibility to reduce or even eliminate skin imperfections with less manipulation.

Guides for improving or sharing photos

The latest features in Adobe Photoshop Elements are called “guides”. As the name suggests, these guide the user step-by-step through an often-requested feature. In fact, a guide for removing an unfortunate element from the photo has now appeared. Another one that is used to insert, via the brush tool, stars or hearts on the creation. Finally, a guide with new sharing and printing options. The goal is to design albums or make prints easily and without any hassle. Of course, Adobe offers about 140 possibilities such as ordinary prints or prints on mugs or for smartphone protection.

Guided modifications

Adobe Photoshop Elements includes more than 50 guided edits with 4 new ones to speed up the editing and creation process.

  • Creating text with different photos: you can now create a visual story in which each letter has a different photo. The goal is to have an excellent result of words and names on posters, invitation cards or even photo album pages.
  • Making fun memes: this guided modification shows you how to add text, filters, borders and more. This will convert your images into memes that are ideal for publishing on social networks.
  • Converting part of an image into a sketch: Take a unique artistic approach by changing part of one of your favorite images into a sketch. Place on the medium of your choice to offer a varied and colorful look using a colored pencil or on old or vintage photo paper.
  • Add text and borders: This guided modification allows you to embellish your photos with borders or text.

Download Photoshop Elements

What’s new at Adobe Photoshop Elements

There are a number of new features announced by Adobe including :

  • Support for HEIF, HEVC, and Smart Search.
  • Automatic photo effects are more or less uneven and will vary depending on your subject. You can easily create blur or recompose effects in minutes.
  • The most surprising is the colorization of black and white photos. On 3 black and white images for example, the result in color is more successful and some errors can be corrected later.
  • The choice of subjects can be done quickly in a few clicks using an intelligent algorithm. This makes it very easy for you to choose a person or an object in just a few seconds. The result will not be 100% perfect, but you can easily refine it afterwards.
  • The smoothing of the skin makes it easy to remove all imperfections. However, the result depends greatly on your subject. On photos full of pimples, it will disappear. This also applies to moles.
  • The removal of elements is unfortunately the point that disappointed more than one. If you want to remove small effects like a bird or a tree in the distance, Photoshop Elements clearly does its job. When trying to remove an entire person, the result is unfortunately too visible.
  • Built-in patterns allow you to integrate a few small stickers while keeping the main subject. However, it is not possible to combine 2 different patterns at once. You must therefore apply one, exit the program, then restart with another pattern.
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Adobe Photoshop Elements – Pricing

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 offers a total of 3 ranges of Elements, with different prices as follows:

  • Photoshop Element 2020 & Premiere Elements 2020: This is the complete package available for $149.99 USD. You can save money by choosing this range.
  • Photoshop Elements 2020: the easy all-in-one photo retouching tool available for 99.99 USD.
  • Premiere Elements 2020: the easy, all-in-one video editing software, also available for $99.99.

The features you have access to will depend on the range you choose. But in general, each package offers almost complete functionality for your creations.

Download Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements – User Reviews

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the first choice for anyone looking for basic, easy-to-use photo editing software. The software includes helpful tips and automated tools for editing photos. Its new tools offer very interesting functions, not to mention new guided modifications. This software remains an excellent choice for photo enthusiasts who don’t want to pay a subscription fee.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has many advantages such as ease of use, smart AI, price, and quick installation. However, some users may find some of the automated effects a bit old-fashioned, but Adobe will make sure that Photoshop Elements is as powerful and easy to use as possible.

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