Adobe XD has only been on the market for a short time, yet it’s already attracting everyone’s attention. It is the ideal software for UI Designers who want to bring the best possible usability to the websites and applications they develop. So I’m going to introduce you to everything there is to know about Adobe XD.

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Introducing Adobe XD

First of all, I will introduce you to Adobe XD through its features and what it has to offer.

Adobe XD is a software for UI and UX designers. It allows the modification and sharing of prototypes. The transition to design is very fast. This software offers various features that can facilitate all the steps leading to the realization of a prototype of a project for creating sites or mobile applications.

Adobe XD was released in March 2016 as a beta version. It is a project that Adobe worked on for a few years and it is only in October 2017 that it launches the final version of Adobe XD with all the useful features. The improvements made could give a nice and really easy to use interface.

Since its inception, Adobe XD has been ahead of most software in this same area, namely Sketch and all the others. Indeed, there are always updates to continually improve the functionality of this software. Thus, it remains at the forefront of technology for new modes.

Discover AdobeXD

Adobe XD features

Adobe XD offers a wide range of features to suit your needs and requirements. I will introduce them to you one by one.

This software first presents features related to Design. This includes various tools for replacing and exporting files via an external source. You can also bring a lot of details to the design of your creation thanks to different active panels.

Then, there is the prototyping which allows you to refine the details concerning the realization of the prototypes namely the :

  • Animations,
  • Transitions,
  • Voice commands,
  • Positions and previews.

This feature allows, among other things, to set all the important points of your project.

This is followed by the share functionality that allows you to send your prototype to the project stakeholders. They can then give their opinions and comments for improvement on certain points.

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Then you have the features dedicated to collaboration. It allows you to work as a team on the same project. Thus, you can invite other designers for the realization of the details of your design.

The edition can therefore be done in real time for all team members. It will be easier to manage the different improvements and suggestions.

The software also has a functionality reserved for the creation of a design system. It allows you to put your documents and suggestions online. Thus, your team members will be able to make modifications and these will be applied after your validation. You also have the possibility to refuse the modifications if necessary.

An extension feature of Adobe XD is also available. You can use plug-ins to extend the functionality of your software. This is useful for more precise and concise work.

Finally, Adobe XD offers a wide range of Creative Cloud compatibility options. If you are an Adobe subscriber, you can export your projects to Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effect. The details will therefore be worked on in every nook and cranny.

Note that these are the basic features you can have on Adobe XD. There are also additive features that often occur after updates. You can check them regularly on the official Adobe page.

Discover AdobeXD

How do I install and use Adobe XD?

First of all, to receive the software, it is important to register. This will allow you to download the software and purchase it according to your subscription. Once this is done, you can proceed to download and install the software. There are not many protocols to consider. However, there are minimum requirements for the software. Note that Adobe XD is available on Windows and also on Mac OS.

For Windows, you will need :

  • A Windows 10 64bits operating system,
  • An Intel multi-core 1.4 GHz processor,
  • 4 GB of Ram,
  • DDI Direct 3D 10 for graphics.
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As for Mac OS, here are the necessary configurations :

  • A XV10.12 system,
  • A multi-core Intel processor with 1.4 GHz,
  • 4 GB of ram.

You will need an Internet connection to download and activate the software once it is installed.

It is also possible to have Adobe XD on Android and iOS smartphones, but very few models are compatible namely :

  • iPhone 5S up to XR ;
  • The iPad Air ;
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S9 ;
  • Nexus SX ;
  • HTC One M9;
  • LG G4.

For iOS systems, the version must be 11.0 and for Android 6.0.

Advantages and disadvantages of Adobe XD

Personally, I find that Adobe XD has a lot of advantages to know :

  • A streamlined interface;
  • It’s a fast and easy software;
  • It has several interesting features;
  • Its compatibility with Windows, Mac and Smartphones ;
  • The easy prototyping design;
  • Compatibility with other Adobe Creative Cloud software;
  • Its attractive price.

So you can see that using Adobe XD software as UI and UX software has huge advantages.

However, there are also disadvantages to consider :

  • This software does not take into account the other plug-ins; however, we can still wait for a possible update to remedy this;
  • The features of Adobe XD are not yet really numerous compared to other software on the market.

The disadvantages are not really heavy. In addition, Adobe XD software keeps getting better and better every year. So you can expect the flaws to be constantly evolving.

§ How much does Adobe XD cost?

To use Adobe XD, you can choose between different prices. It also varies depending on your needs and status.

For individuals, here are the offers that are addressed to you:

  • Free offer: Includes all the features of Adobe XD, a shared active prototype, and a shared design specification; Cloud storage is 2 GB.
  • The offer for a single application with unlimited features and 100 GB of cloud storage; the price is 11.99 euros per month.
  • The Creative Cloud offer including all applications starting at €59.99 per month.

For businesses, here are the offers that are proposed :

  • Starter package: free,
  • Only one application for 9,99 dollars per month,
  • The 20 applications for 52,99 dollars per month.
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There are also various professional features included to better manage project members.

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Adobe XD Client feedback and review


Customers who have used Adobe XD are truly satisfied with its use. Indeed, it has everything a UI designer needs to prototype a project down to the last detail. Moreover, with the different compatibilities, it is easy to shape the project in any point. In addition, the streamlined interface makes the work fast and easy. And it is compatible on both Mac and Windows. The workspace is therefore more extensive.

And the most practical feature is the free version that allows you to test the software’s functionality for 30 days. It’s ideal to see the extent of the software’s benefits. Afterwards, it is easier to choose whether or not to join the software.

The features of Adobe XD are not the subject of negative reviews, but rather those that are missing. Adobe XD has fewer features than other software on the market. This is not practical for those who are new to using it. However, Adobe XD continues to improve.

Also, features that undergo improvements or changes may have some bugs to start with. This is quite unpleasant for regular users.

Summary of customer reviews

Repeating the opinions of all customers, we can tell you that Adobe XD is not yet at its peak. Because it’s so new, not all features can be optimized yet. Yet current users believe that the current features are sufficient to develop the best possible prototypes with a few applications.

Adobe XD is therefore a very good prototype creation and modification software for all UI designers. If you need accuracy, speed, and ease of use at the same time, this is the best choice of all software on the market. Moreover, the offers to acquire it are well diversified whether you are an individual or a company.

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