It is a complete photo retouching tool. Corel AfterShot Pro makes it easy for you to handle RAW photos. It differs from traditional tools in a number of ways. In addition to the basic tools, it also has modules for managing metadata, shot organization functions, etc. It also gives you access to various applied effects. This software offers an output tab that allows you to select the destination of the images: gallery, format, printing, etc. What are the main advantages of this tool?

The main features of Corel AfterShot pro

It is a graphic design tool in SaaS mode. It is especially dedicated to professionals as well as companies. This software package is especially recommended for sectors or creative professions. It is SMEs that often use this tool. This cloud software is very popular with many IT professionals and different companies. It is requested by companies in France and around the world.

– Corel AfterShot pro: the characteristics of this software

It is a digital photography workflow software. It stands out for its speed and flexibility. This tool allows :

● To manage photos;

● To carry out an advanced non-destructive editing;

● To make a complete RAW processing;

It is a product of Corel Software. By downloading this software on its official website, you will have :

● Access to various product information;

● A software download and a free trial;

● Access to tutorial resources.

– Integration with extensions, APIs and third party software

The advantage with this software easily adapts to other applications, plugins, modules and APIs (Application Programming Interface). It is easy to synchronize it with other computer data.

– What about data compatibility and localization?

With this software, the user does not face any compatibility problems. It is compatible with several operating systems and devices. It can be used on Linux, Mac OC, etc. It is important to know that this software is subject to updates. Thus, it benefits from both new features and security patches. It should be noted that the data concerning this enterprise software package is stored in the United States.

Corel AfterShot pro: software that defies the most famous photo processing tools

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For the launch of this software package, Corel is building on the foundation of Bibble Labs’ technology. This software is specialized in digital photo processing. By launching its software, Corel launches a frontal attack against the famous Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Thanks to this tool, it is now easy to process files by batch. Does Corel AfterShop pro live up to its promises?

Even though it’s dedicated to professionals, it still has a user-friendly side to it. It’s fluid and easy to use. You should know that this tool is organized around 3 panels :

The panel on the left: it is mainly intended for the management of catalogs. It facilitates the search through EXIF data. It also allows you to easily import photos and manage their output formats.

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The display of photos: for this, you will have to refer to the central frame. The user will be free to put one or more photos there. It is a very practical tool, because it allows both displaying the original photo and the retouching in progress.

The processing panel.

At first glance, the effects and (non-destructive) treatments offered by this software seem a little light and simplistic. This printing stops only at the first tab. The first panel is only used to make the first adjustments. It will not allow you to add subtlety to the photo retouching.

Once the first adjustments have been made, it will be necessary to go to the other tabs (color, tone and detail). The user will even have access to noise removal functions such as “Ninja Noise”. This feature offers excellent quality results. When it comes to optical corrections, professionals can easily find tools that meet their expectations. They will have access to a base provided as well as the possibility of manual configuration.

It should be noted that this tool allows the user to use adjustment layers for cleaning and cloning. This is a very practical tool especially for those who want to obtain authentic results.

Corel AfterShop is perfectly suited for multi-core processes. This feature gives it a rather interesting performance especially when processing several photos.

The main features of this software

Corel AfterShot Pro stands out for its performance, flexibility and fast workflow. With this tool, it’s easier to organize photos into catalogs or folders. This data can then be easily retrieved through powerful metadata tools. Keywords and tags will be used to facilitate the search.

This tool allows experimentation on images with non-destructive tools. It also offers the possibility to make sharp and selective enhancements. It is an excellent feature. It accompanies professionals in the execution of their missions. Thus, they will be able to gain speed in the processing of their images.

This software has several interesting features:

Ultra-fast photo workflow: With this software, the user can combine full RAW processing with selective editing functions and robust photo management. With this tool, individuals and professionals will have the tools they need to quickly process a large number of photos.

Flexible photo management: This software makes photo processing much easier. It allows you to examine, retouch and export images. This tool differs from other workflow applications in a number of ways. Indeed, it does not oblige the user to catalog his images or to work on the room where the file is located. It offers the possibility to create personalized catalogs or portable catalogs. As a result, you will be able to easily access your works even on another computer.

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Robust search tools: to search for your files, you will be able to take advantage of the power of the metadata tools of this software. To simplify your searches, you will be able to enter keywords, labels, standard IPTC metadata (captions, etc.). It even allows you to search for images using the metadata added by your camera. Thanks to the metadata, you can easily display all the information you want to see.

A non-destructive edition: with this software, it’s easier to fine-tune photos. The original version will always remain intact. During processing, it is possible to choose between intelligent, automatic and manual adjustments. The user keeps control over exposure control, color correction, white balance, curves, optical corrections, etc. In the event of an operating error, the user can always return to the previous version of the image.

Selective editing: Thanks to the unique “Zones and Layers” functions, this tool gives the user a great deal of leeway. He will be able to make the necessary adjustments. To do this, a layer must be created and a zone must be inserted. This will make it easier to adjust the selected zone. The changes will be applied to the layer. Thus, the original image will remain intact.

RAW processing power: Corel AfterShot Pro stands out for its fast RAW processing and color accuracy. This feature will help you get the most out of RAW images. If you choose to work directly on the RAW file, you will have access to a wide range of editing tools. The photo can be manipulated until you get the desired rendering.

Batch processing: With this option, you can save a lot of time. This is one of the advanced options. With this feature you will have the ability to rename several files at once, applying the same adjustments to a group of similar files. If necessary, you will be able to convert different files and export them to different image formats and predefined sizes.

Creative options: this software is perfectly adapted to perform creative photo retouching or advanced pictorial manipulations. It is a tool that enjoys a good reputation among passionate photographers. It provides its users with a wide range of professional tools and effects. You will have access to the essential elements to achieve outstanding composites.

Output speed: Ultra-fast output will be very useful for creating image files to print, share online, or rework in other applications. If you need to process a large quantity of images, simply use the batch output function. Here you can apply predefined settings.

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A cross-platform solution: this software works on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. You will be able to adjust the images according to your preferences and take advantage of the powerful workflow of this tool

What are the main strengths and weaknesses of this software?

It’s a rather interesting software, it :

● Allows you to make a quick import ;

● Has superb noise reduction and exposure correction tools Perfectly Clear from Athentech;

● Facilitates the correction of imperfections.

Nevertheless, it exposes its user to some major drawbacks, in particular :

● Lack of organizational functionality ;

● Lack of online sharing functionality;

● The lack of performance when correcting highlights.

Unfortunately, this tool is quite clumsy when it comes to moving files from media to storage. It does not support the PNG file format.

Corel AfterShot pro price: how much does it cost to use this software?

To give users a preview of its performance, this software offers a trial version. Unfortunately, the trial version is only available for a limited period of 30 days. Once the trial period is over, you will be able to download the full version of this software for $79.99.

Once you have this version, you will be entitled to :

● Various instructions ;

● Upgrade eligibility (valid for previous licensed versions).

Corel AfterShot pro reviews: summary of customer reviews


This software is very useful for adjusting and refining photos, especially with RAW files. It stands out for its flexibility, handling, precision and comfort. It is offered at a fairly reasonable price. However, it is quite difficult to handle for beginners. People who are not used to handling this tool will find it difficult to manage layers. This device is based on a rather peculiar logic that distinguishes it from other photo retouching softwares.

It is quite complex to refer to the user manual. The user is not really entitled to an exact explanation of certain tools such as the brush, color modification and partial retouching. Beginners will be forced to be satisfied with the generalities and basic features.

It is a tool to exploit the potential of cameras and RAW photos. It helps its user to find details in dark or too light areas that are inaccessible with jpeg files. Thanks to this device, it is easier to modify colors to have beautiful renderings. It makes cropping easier and removes annoying details. This tool helps to obtain a lighter photo suitable for canvas. It installs seamlessly on all versions of Windows, the current versions of Linux.

This software has nothing to envy to its competitors on the performance side. It is both fast and intuitive. It is quite easy to master its main functions and take advantage of the potential of RAW files.


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