Nowadays, graphic designs are more and more fashionable. Indeed, drawing software allows more imagination, precision and details. The final renderings are therefore sharper and can be used directly for a comic book or other graphic representations. But to have quality, you also need the best tools, namely drawing software. There are many choices on the market, but there are some that are better than others. This is why we are going to make a selection of the best drawing software on the market.

▶︎Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate, the best drawing software.

If you’re looking for good software for your graphic design and animation, Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of applications and services for that purpose. Adobe is known for its quality of service in several virtual domains. This time, it offers the best drawing software.

Features of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate

Adobe Illustrator allows great precision in graphic designs, while allowing no loss of quality in the import of the drawings made. Sketches can be done freehand or with the various tools offered by the software.

Here are the features that are available to you with Adobe Illustrator :

  • A choice of the work plan: this one will be chosen as a background for your graphic design. It is possible to add useful reference content to improve the design of your project.
  • The drawing: it can be done freehand with the free tools or with the proposed shapes (rectangle or round for example). Details can be shaped according to your needs and desires.
  • Colors and thicknesses: they can be adjusted, modified and graded to refine the quality of your design as much as possible. This is in order to give it style.
  • Saving the project: saving can be done in different file formats such as PDF, EPS, FXG, SVG or AI. It is also possible to export it to other software for other necessary modifications.

The tools available in Adobe Illustrator are also numerous. First of all, you can use the Puppet Deformation tool to transform and deform your drawing in a natural way. This is handy to have precise effects on the final rendering. Secondly, the fonts are also variable. It is possible to change the thickness of the words, their inclination as well as their width. Finally, there are the custom brushes. They allow you to cleanly add your outlines according to your needs. You can have the effect of painting or watercolor.

In addition, Adobe Illustrator also has a complementary software called Adobe Animate. It is a drawing software that allows you to make vector animations for various presentations, including games, advertisements or applications. In other words, this software brings your drawings to life.

Here are the features available to Adobe Animate users:

  • Choice of the work area as a starting point: this is the setting that will be the object of your animation design. You can import it via different sources. The choice is by no means limited.
  • Adding a drawing : after choosing the decor, you must choose the drawing to be animated. This includes drawings you have made with Adobe Illustrator or other drawing software. You can deform and resize them to adapt them to the desired decor and animation.
  • Scenario definition: you need to make a succession of several images to make a long or short animation. The number of images varies according to the duration. For an animation of a few seconds, ten or twenty images will be needed. While for a short film, it will really take a lot, with a good coherence in the details.
  • Animation: once the images are imported, there are powerful tools that allow an easier and faster animation between each sequence. It is indeed possible to automate the movements to save more time.
  • Saving: you then need to save your animation in various formats such as GIF, MOV, AVI or SWF.
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To make the best animations possible, Adobe Animate offers many interesting tools that can really help you. First of all, it is possible to adjust the depth of the layers so that the camera gives a natural perspective of the animation. Then, it is also possible to interpolate the shapes between them. You just have to choose the start and end image. Adobe Animate then takes care of the intermediary. And finally, you can also use vector brushes to quickly create content for the animation. This is very handy for adding additional effects to the animation, if this hasn’t been done in the drawings before.

Summary of customer reviews


In general, customer reviews of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate are all positive. The interface is easy to use and the tools that come with it are equally effective. The drawings are highly accurate and the animations are quick and easy to make. So it doesn’t take much time to fully adapt to these professional software programs. Moreover, the final quality is no less important. Customers undoubtedly recommend the use of these drawing softwares.

On the other hand, there are still some flaws that need to be worked out. First of all, the software is a bit expensive, especially for the Adobe Creative Cloud package. The reference is found in other professional software packages that offer the same types of tools. Then there is the lack of fluidity when drawing, if you use a mouse and not a graphic pen. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to refine every detail. And finally, some options and features are difficult to use for beginners in the field. It is therefore necessary to have a minimum of knowledge in order to optimize the use of the software to the maximum.

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Corel Painter, a drawing software for family and professionals


Corel Painter is a drawing software for the general public. Indeed, it allows, among other things, to create works for personal and non professional satisfaction. The effects are similar to ancient arts, which really makes its fame among users.

Features of Corel Painter

Corel Painter has a very good reputation among its users because of its various interesting features. Indeed, they make it possible to refine in detail each corner of the image to have a final quality rendering at the end. This software is particularly aimed at budding artists, but also at professionals who are looking for a completely different style.

What changes does Corel Painter 12 offer? Corel Painter 12 is a drawing software for everyone and has a lot of features:

  • The choice of the workspace and all the possible customizations: you can import drawings you have already made in other programs and then improve them as you wish. Moreover, you can also start with an empty space for a new project.
  • The effects at your disposal: you can use several effects to make your drawing more realistic and original. There are impasto effects, texture effects, watercolor effects, mirror effects and painting effects. There is still a large choice to discover.
  • A wide range of colors: there are many colors to choose from. And you can even opt for several colors on a single brush. It’s handy for quick coloring and blending detail in your design.
  • The mandala and symmetrical images

The interface that Corel Painter 12 offers is really easy to use, but a manual is also available to users. It comes with the product when you buy it and includes all the features that are possible with this drawing software. Users will have no difficulty in taking ownership of all the changes. In addition, Corel Painter 12 is available in French and English. So you can make your choice according to your knowledge and you can easily find your way around what you are doing.

Summary of customer reviews

At first, customers are delighted with the use of this drawing software. Indeed, it is easy and practical to use. Especially since there is already a manual that accompanies it. So you can’t get lost with the functionalities. Moreover, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The effects that are proposed allow you to have unique and original designs. The software makes it possible to bring the creations closer to a real painting. The customers thus strongly recommend it.

In a second time, there are still some negative points that should not be neglected. First of all, there are the tutorials which are only in English on the Internet. So, if you don’t know this language, it will be a bit difficult to get to grips with the software in all its details. Secondly, you need to have a powerful computer with a lot of free space on the hard disk.

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Clip Studio Paint pro, the best drawing software for manga’s

Clip Studio Paint Pro is especially aimed at anime and manga lovers. This drawing software allows a concrete design of these characters with the integrated animations.

The features of Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is the ideal drawing software for comic book lovers and for those who want unique manga designs.

Here are the features available in Clip Studio Paint Pro :

  • The Illustrator tab: it allows you to modify your work plan. This includes resolutions, formats as well as background color. All the basic settings can be modified in this tab.
  • The BD tab, which allows you to change the bleed for the background with predefined box templates. There are all the features for all lovers of manga and Japanese culture.
  • The animation tab to compose animation sequences with a succession of several images. It is indeed possible to modify everything that goes with it such as the cadence, the animation time, the intermediaries, etc.
  • Effects: there are many effects that allow you to put the quality of your drawing and your character into perspective.
  • The integrated 3D models: it’s handy to create 3D video game characters and also for animations.

The Clip Studio Paint pro interface is ideal for use on a graphic tablet to have more details. Modifications can be really precise so that the effects are more realistic.

Synthesis of customer reviews

Customers find this software to be the best for cartoonists and manga artists. Its use is always optimal whether on a computer or on graphic tablets. The features are really complete and it is very easy to use. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this software is especially made for you in all cases. The predefined 3D models are also convenient for drawings. And to top it all off, the price of Clip Studio Paint Pro is really affordable and within everyone’s reach.

However, some users have noticed a little downside in terms of functionality. Indeed, as there are so many of them, it is quite difficult to find them all. So you’ll have to adapt and be curious to find all the possible changes to the software and use them properly. Moreover, there are not really many tutorials. However, this is not really a problem in the general use of the software.

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