Many of the softwares supplied with the graphics tablets may not be suitable for the device. That’s why most people look for free or paid software that works properly. To help you know the best graphics tablet software, here is an article we have devoted to the subject.

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Here is a selection of the best software for the graphic tablet


It is a must-have software mainly used by professionals. Allowing to make drawing and painting, Photoshop is perfectly suited for the use of a graphic tablet. It is the standard tool for managing raster images. You will be able to create images directly or make modifications. Otherwise, a wide choice of palettes awaits you depending on your level of manipulation.

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2- Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a painting and digital art software compatible with a graphics tablet. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to paint as you wish. You can also use custom palettes, patterns, gradients and a variety of colors depending on the effect you are looking for. Corel Painter is a software that is constantly evolving. It can be quickly installed and is easy to use.

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3- Gimp

The Gimp graphic editor is a free software that can also be used with a graphics tablet. It offers different kinds of features to make unique compositions. You can adapt it according to your needs and manipulate it easily. Thanks to this software, it is possible to make modifications, add or delete elements.

4- MyPaint

If MyPaint is generally used on a computer, you can also download it to make drawings from a graphic tablet. MyPaint has a multitude of brushes that can be customized according to your preferences. It is also possible to zoom in or out the content according to the width of the screen or to enlarge or reduce the brushes. Fully customizable, MyPaint has about thirty parameters and can be saved in Png and Jpeg format.

5- ketch

SketchBook and SketchPad are very practical software for beginners. Compatible with a graphic tablet, Sketch offers specific image formats. It is a very practical software for designers. With a streamlined interface and an unlimited workspace, it has modules that allow you to add effects or modify certain properties. It is an innovative software that evolves through different versions.

6- Artwork

Artrage is a digital painting software that can be used with a graphics tablet. It allows you to reproduce the effects of certain natural tools such as watercolor, charcoal, pastel or oil paint. If the files obtained from this software have a .ptg extension, they can be exported in png, jpeg or psd format. Please note that this software is mostly provided with Wacom graphic tablets. However, this does not prevent it from working with other brands.

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7- Inkscape

Just like the other software mentioned above, Inkscape is also a software that can work well with a graphic tablet. If you are used to using Illustrator, this software would be no stranger to you. Inkscape allows you to create illustrations, drawings and graphics of all kinds. Well adapted with a tablet, it allows you to enlarge images without loss of quality.

The advantages of using a graphic tablet

Now that you have some idea of the software you will need to use with a graphics tablet, let’s look at its main advantages.

Specially designed to facilitate photographic retouching and drawing, a graphics tablet can be manipulated like a pencil. It reacts to the pressure of the pen. By using a well adapted software, you will be able to obtain exceptional renders that you will be able to keep preciously in your computer or to print. With a graphics tablet, the harder you press, the thicker the strokes will be. It is a very practical tool for precise coloring. In fact, most graphic tablet software programs have different kinds of palettes that are easy to use. And thanks to a graphics tablet, you can make mistakes by using Ctrl+Z undo and different layer systems as many times as you like.

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Available formats depending on the software used

Different kinds of image export formats are available depending on the software you choose. Among others, the 3 main formats are GIF, JPEG and PNG. To find out which format is suitable for your work, be aware that the JPEG format can cause image degradation. On the other hand, it is especially recommended for photos or complex images. The PNG format, on the other hand, exists in PNG8 and PNG24 versions. Both differ in quality and size.

To conclude, graphic tablets require the use of specific software. To find out which ones are most suitable for you, you can choose from the software we have just listed in this article. In any case, Photoshop remains the most complete one.



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