Amateurs and video professionals require software to edit their film. There are many software programs available for this purpose. For example, they need to know the characteristics of a software program in order to know if it is capable of satisfying their editing needs. Among these video software programs is Adobe Animate, which can be used on both PC and Mac. Adobe animate is a software program for editing videos with or without special effects. The results are those we see on television as commercials or cartoons. So that you can get to know Adobe Animate PC, Mac, follow this article to the end.

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About Adobe Animate

First of all, you should know that this software was published in 1996 under the name of Future Splash Animator. Then once it was bought by Macromedia, it was named Macromedia Flash in order to be used as a creation environment for the Adobe Flash platform which is a vectorial software dedicated to the creation of animation and interactive content.

Adobe Flash has been a must-have on the internet for a very long time. By making it possible to create animations readable on all computers, this software had become a standard and the Web has seen an infinite number of sites with animations flourish. Unfortunately, Flash was quickly overtaken by the new functionalities of HTML5 and was gradually abandoned by the owners of major sites, forcing the editor to reinvent itself.

In response, Adobe has released major updates to Flash Professional, now including HTML5. As a result of these improvements, the software has changed so much that even its terminology itself has become obsolete. It was in early 2016 that Adobe finally buried the name Flash Professional and now offers Animate CC.

Adobe Animate, as its name indicates, is a software developed by the Adobe Systems company. The interactive animations created by Flash are programmed using the language or Action Script oriented programming. The latest version of the software is CC 2018 version 18.02.126, dated July 10, 2018. Adobe Animate can be used on both Windows and Mac OS PCs. As far as the type of system used is concerned, this software uses the multimedia computer system.

Adobe Animate CC is designed for the creation and design of vector graphics and 2D animation. It is the software that is used in the design and publication of BDE television programs, online videos and websites. Adobe Animate is also used to create web applications, rich internet applications and video games. This software is also capable of supporting rich text and audio matrix media. It is the only way in which embedding and action scripting videos are realized. The resulting animations can be published on HTML5, Web GL, Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG.

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Discover Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate features include

More commonly referred to as Adobe Animate CC, this vector graphics and video editing software lets you create interactive web content using powerful tools. Whether it is for games or advertisements, it is possible to create game environments, concession of start screens and interfaces as well as the creation of interactive Spritesheets in integral with the sound. Adobe Animate CC allows, among other things, the creation of resources and direction programs in the application.

● Vector animation creation

This software allows you to create vector animations as well as interactive bitmaps for games, web applications and more. Adobe Animate is also designed for drawing and banner advertising.   It is used to design computer graphics as well as tutorials. Thanks to these new features, this software makes it possible to quickly publish the contents carried out on several platforms. Adobe Animate CC is easy to use thanks to detailed tutorial videos, ranging from simple to advanced, covering all aspects of the software. For example, when used in conjunction with Adobe Sensei, Adobe Animate automatically adapts lip movements to inflections in the sound of the voice.

● The creation of animated characters

This creation is possible thanks to the inclination of the brushes designed in the state of realism. This makes the characters more expressive. The new features are more advanced, because they allow you to make very detailed animations such as eye tilt, how to walk or talk and so on. This is the principle of frame-by-frame animation.

Animate CC also has extremely advanced animation features. In particular, it supports HTML5 Canvas and WebGL animations in native mode. This feature makes it an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) compliant HTML5 ad creation solution. Animate CC also remains a very well-known and widespread tool in the cartoon industry. It allows you to publish animations and interactions on different platforms, namely :

Web GL,
Flash/Adobe Air
And custom platforms like SVG.
These animations are designed for everyone and can be viewed on a TV, computer or mobile device.

And Adobe Animate CC continues to improve by adding new features such as integrated subscription to the Creative Cloud. For 2019, this software offers several new features, including the ability to preserve audio effects for split sounds when importing them. An improvement in image processing is also available to export images with the appropriate resolution without forgetting to respect the initial parameters. For sketching, the synchronization of pen shapes and sizes is emphasized through brush mirroring. The option for element deformation has also been improved to provide optimized control over the handles and the deformation results obtained. Transformations are saved in the image selector, texture atlas, and file saving. All these improvements are available in the April 2019 version of Animate, specifically version 19.2.

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Adobe Animate CC features


In an effort to keep customers happy, Adobe animate highlights a number of equally compelling features, including the following examples:

  • Integration with the Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock libraries for images, illustrations, and graphics;
  • Customization and enhancement of pencils, vector brushes, and illustration brushes ;
    HTML5 wrap templates;
  • Exporting videos in 4K and higher formats;
  • Customization of resolution and frame rate;
  • Work areas that are rotatable at 360 °C ;
  • Import SVG files and export video in multiple resolution formats;
  • Updating of the Segment tool;
  • The import of H264 videos;
  • Native support for HTML5 and WebGL platforms;
  • Support for custom platforms;
  • Optimization of HTML5 publications;
  • An option related to the scaling of the content in relation to the size of the scenario;
  • Animation guides;
  • 64-bit architecture, etc.

Adobe Animate pricing: How much do the various subscriptions cost?

Adobe Animate is available on the Adobe Creative Cloud and requires a subscription. Note that Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services offered by Adobe Systems. It gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photo graphics. In addition, a set of mobile applications and cloud services are available. Once this software is installed on a Windows PC or Mac OS-type device, it can be used as a desktop application without the need for a wifi connection.

As part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe Animate is available for €23.99 per month. On the other hand, to access the full range of creative applications such as Adobe Sensei, the subscription is 59.99 euros per month.

Students and teachers can take advantage of another rate that allows them to take advantage of all the Creative Cloud applications at 19.50 euros per month (including tax).

As for companies, there is a preferential rate for corporate use, which allows them to use licenses that are much easier to deploy and manage. Thus, this subscription is priced at 29.99 euros per month per user.

Download Adobe Animate

Where can I buy Adobe Animate ?

You can buy this software on the internet and on the official website www The big brands such as Amazon also sell this Flash and 2D animation software online. If you find other sales platforms, you must be very wary, because scammers are legion on the Web and they are constantly being creative to bait their prey. To make sure you have the right software and take advantage of the warranty that comes with it, it is always advisable to buy software from an official and recognized site.Summary of customer reviews

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Summary of customer reviews

Because Adobe Animate’s goal is to create drawings and other designs with the ability to use all available platforms, its designer targets virtually any customer panel through work tracks and terminals. Consequently, many users find that its use saves time, because the software is powerful and meets the standards required, from small screens to high resolutions. Adobe Animate is also popular for its ability to convert Flash ads to the new HTML5 format or to optimize animations. Of particular interest is the software’s ability to export 4K content to higher resolutions to optimize its display on the latest TVs and ultra HD monitors.

After purchasing this software, it should be installed and opened simultaneously. The interface is the same as that of the old Adobe Flash. However, unlike its predecessor, the tools are located on the right side of the software. Its installation is very easy depending on the users. In addition, a tutorial demonstration is delivered with the software. For an amateur or a person who has never used such a software, everything will be explained to him through this tutorial and with illustrations, whose explanations are very clear and playful. It is true that the software is English, but it is possible to have it translated by another software. Adobe Animate CC is a cult software with a multitude of possibilities. Moreover, it is very powerful, because it is just necessary to carry out the tasks to be carried out and the software will take care afterwards to publish them via the various platforms which are compatible with it.

Amateur or professional users find that Adobe Animate :

  • Is a high-performance hardware;
  • The software is available in the original language, but it is possible to translate it;
  • The tutorial demonstration is satisfactory;
  • It is a cult software that is used all over the world;
  • The graphics software is very simple to use;
  • The possibilities in animation, games and Web development are multiple;
  • The cost is lower compared to the quality of services obtained.

Despite the enthusiasm of many users for Adobe Animate, some complaints are however mentioned in the reviews. The vast majority focus on the fact that the possibilities of use are numerous, but that they are far too complicated. Anomalies are also recorded, such as the fact that the software freezes suddenly or closes unexpectedly. Some users are also unhappy with the fact that automatic backups can disappear for no reason. As far as the tools are concerned, the Brush is performing well, but there are not enough options to optimize its use. Also, there are difficulties to export Animate gifs.

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