Adobe is a company that creates SAAS software useful for IT-related tasks. Adobe has several types of computer tools renowned according to their respective functionalities namely Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator and many others. In this article, we will talk about Adobe Bridge, its functionalities, features, advantages and disadvantages without forgetting the customers’ opinions, whether positive or negative.

▶︎ Introducing Adobe Bridge


Adobe Bridge is a software that was first released in 2015 under version 6.3.1. This was its first version and the last one was the version 9.0 released in October 2018. Adobe Bridge is a filing or management utility that is offered by Adobe to help you organize your photos. With Adobe Bridge, you can file and organize all your photos and other digital files for faster processing.

With this software, you can make batch edits to your photos, add watermarks, set color preferences, and more. Adobe Bridge also lets you create ODFs natively, as well as organize and import your panoramic images and HDR shots. This makes it a software program for managing and organizing digital photos.

▶︎Adobe Bridge features

Since its edition in 2015, designers have been constantly innovating and trying to improve the functionalities in order to adapt them to the age of time and the development of technology. Adobe Bridge has been part of the Adobe Creative Suite of software since version 2.0, and its functionality continues to improve. In 2015, new functionality in Adobe Bridge provides the ability to easily upload JPEG photos to Adobe Stock using the publishing panel. For 2017, the software includes new support for uploading raw images from Adobe Stock to Adobe Bridge. Now when you drag a raw image from the Content pane to the Publishing pane, Adobe Bridge displays a dialog window to confirm conversion of the raw image to JPEG format.

Here are the new features of Adobe Bridge :

– A more ergonomic design

This allows the user interface to be enhanced to provide you with a similar experience to other cloud applications. In addition, the library workspace is also optimized in Bridge to allow you to select multiple items for an overview. So you can easily change the appearance, text, default scale, and user interface. To do so, go to the available dialog box and choose Edit > Preferences > Interface.

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– An improved login and logout experience

Adobe Bridge has a new connection and disconnection model. The goal is to provide a secure, modern, and easy management experience. When Bridge opens, a login window prompts you to log in with your ID and password. In case you are logged in with another application, it is possible to use the same information and log in, but the login window is not displayed.

– Centralized Cache Management

With Adobe Bridge, it is possible to share the cache with other users of the software. You could let them use your shared cache instead of creating a new one. Any user can export a cache to a shared folder and import a copy of the shared cache to local systems.

– Changing the Capture Time

Adobe Bridge also allows you to change the time of capture for JPEG image files in the same way as Adobe Lightroom. This is a useful feature when traveling because the time zone is different. If you didn’t change your time before taking a picture, you could do it afterwards with this handy feature.

– Media Cache

This Adobe software also offers a media cache preference. Adobe Bridge now supports caching of all audio and video playback files. This feature improves the performance of playback files. These files are available on a playback access when you view them later.

– Manipulating and editing files

Cut, paste or move to files and folders from the Windows or Mac OS file explorer and paste them into Bridge are all manipulations allowed by Adobe Bridge. This photo management software also supports previewing, thumbnail, metadata, and keyword generation for Adobe XD files.

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✅ The benefits of Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge software has many advantages. Indeed, it has been designed for all types of people, all types of jobs, and all types of businesses. It does not specifically target one category of people.   Adobe Bridge is a design product with an ergonomics that is always in search of improvement. This graphic design software is available in English and is localized in the United States. It has the advantage of being compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows. As mentioned, another advantage of this software is that it can be used by government agents, craftsmen, associations, self-entrepreneurs, large accounts, self-employed workers, SMEs, startups, and many other types of users from all sectors.

The major benefit of using Adobe Bridge is the continuous improvement of its functionality. Its editors try to update to a new, better version every two or three years. And Adobe Bridge is simple and easy to use. With this software, you can display only selected assets with highlighting and a more visible background. This photo management software currently consumes less space and can also generate thumbnails of Android MP3 files that contain images.

❌ drawbacks of Adobe Bridge

However, this software has some drawbacks. Please note that these drawbacks do not directly concern the functionalities of Adobe Bridge. They are just a few negative points that can be improved by the editors, including the following examples:

  • This software is only available in English.
  • The pricing policy seems to be confidential. We do not know how much the software can cost. Is it a monthly subscription or something else? Yes, you need to log in with an Adobe ID account in order to request pricing from the publisher.
  • The lack of responsiveness of the support team in terms of technical support for customers, such as online tutorials, forums, and FAQs.

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► How much does Adobe Bridge cost ? (price)

Unlike all software on the market, it would appear that Adobe Bridge is subject to a confidential pricing policy in terms of usage. Therefore, Adobe Bridge is available in both free and paid versions.

Many sites offer the free version, i.e. it is downloadable from them. But you can also download it from the official Adobe Bridge website. To do so, simply go to the Adobe Bridge website, then create your Adobe ID accessible from your email page, and finally go to the Adobe Bridge download page.

For the paid version, you may be able to purchase a subscription, which is available on request from the publisher. Pricing is subject to change with additional options to better meet individual user needs. Subscription pricing will vary from company to company, as it will depend on the features and the number of people who will be using and working with the software.

▶︎Adobe Bridge: User Reviews

According to users, Adobe Bridge remains one of the best software on the market. It’s very popular and never gets old, because it’s constantly improving in functionality. This photo management software remains a must for photo editing and digital creation. Adobe Bridge is a complete, professional-quality solution. However, you will need training to use it, as it has many tools and features. So without training, you can easily get lost in it. Users also find that this photo software has the same functionality in both the free and paid versions. It is satisfying because it allows to centralize all media data in one library. In addition, it allows various file modifications such as adding watermarks or color transformation.

Adobe Bridge is a popular photo management software because it is easy to use despite its many features. It is recommended by many users from all categories who are active in almost every area of work.

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